Tales of Mad Fish

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    There are plenty of stupid fish around - with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don't believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences....

    Pandora Kuykendall had a run in with a resilient Puffer Fish - he survived a chilly ordeal...


    "My puffer fish got stuck once in a fake plastic shipwreck DESIGNED FOR TROPICAL FISH TANKS. Just like your guy he had stuck his head through and stopped, only worse. He got scared and puffed up!

    I also have had no experience with this sort of problem was stunned. After poking him firmly from both directions with a stick to trying to get him out, I assumed he was dead. After all he was stiff as could be. So, I did the only humane thing a fish owner could do, is to end his ongoing suffering. I put him (shipwreck and all) in the freezer. I called a friend to get sympathy. My puffer was the cutest fish ever and I was sad. Two minutes, tops. I checked the freezer. Doh!!! He had de-puffed!!!! Oh no!!! Back in the tank, and I grabbed my heavy duty gardening shears and began the slow process of cutting away the shipwreck. He puffs up again while I'm doing this, making my job even more difficult. Finally, he's free!!! He falls to the bottom of the tank. Alright, but is he ok? Well he looks ok..and he goes off to hide for a while.

    He stopped coming to the glass to be cute for me at dinner for a few days, but survived just fine otherwise. Unfortunately a month or so later, he was exposed to a sick fish and he got fungus and I couldn't cure him, and he died. It was very sad. He had survived so much I didn't think a little fungus would get him, but it did. In the end he couldn't eat. I even tried mushing flakes into a paste and feeding him through an eye dropper. He wouldn't take it. I now I don't put anything in my tank that has holes in it. And I only buy fish at places I trust!!"

    Simon Kane wrote in with another Dwarf Gourami tale....

    "Following on from your "stupid Gouramis" story - I have a pair of Dwarf Gouramis in a community tank who were doing fine. I looked in the tank one day on an afternoon off work and thought "funny I can't see Mrs Gourami." I looked and looked, but she wasn't hiding under the bogwood, or in the plants, she couldn't have escaped because the lid was still on, so I thought that perhaps something drastic had happened. Maybe my girlfriend had removed her before she went to work, it was a mystery. Then in desparation I looked behind the filter - there she was!! Somehow she'd managed to squeeze between the back of the tank and the filter and got wedged in place!! I removed the filter and she swam free looking very battered and bruised. She sulked for a bit but is doing fine now, and she stays away from the filter. Unlike Mr Gourami, who for no apparent reason has started hiding underneath it with his back to the rest of the tank and just stares at the wall!!"

    Stuart Boston and his Cory Catfish...

    "I had a similar problem with my cory cat fish. I bought a piece of bog wood to put in the corner of my 20 gal tank. Unfortunatly one corner of the wood created a Cory sized 'cave' against the side of the tank. Like you I thought, nah, he(she?)'ll get themselves out of this. Nope. Luckily I could just move the wood to let him out."


    If any else wants to contribute to these fish tales, please do so. Just contact me and leave your name, email address and your story.


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