Tales of Mad Fish - Part 11!!

  • Strange but true - how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
  • Tales of Mad fish

    There are plenty of stupid fish around - with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don't believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences....

    Gary Wheeler - The Sailfin strikes back!!...

    "I have a little 3' community tank, in it are some Swordtails, Platy's, 'neon'(cardinal) tetra's, a Banjo Catfish, 1 pair of Gourami's(dwarf) and some nice PEACEABLE Mollies (who am I kiddin'?). I popped down to the local pet dealer and spotted, in a community tank, a lonesome female Silver Sailfin Molly, awwww, poor thing so I bought it. I got it into my tank and it was like something out of a gory movie! This molly was constantly beating the living daylights out of every fish larger than itself, I was beside myself! It was so peaceable looking in the shop, anyway, she now lives in a large 'Brackish' tank with many other varieties of Molly, and a couple of cute little Asian Puffer fish, totally civilised! I can't work it out and probably never will as to why she went so vicious."

    Kevin Ro - Crazy Pleco!! Eeeeekk!...

    "hey speaking of jumping "stupid fish" my favorit pet goldfish, shoveler. At one point was sucicidal just like jumped out of the tank only mine landed on a silver tray in the living room! It was late at night i was just dosing when, patter, patter, patter i thought i heard a noise thinking my head was play ing tricks on m...i went back to dozing. A few seconds later...patter, patter, patter so i go out into the hall turn on the light, nothing hmmm...patter, patter, patter, huh!? So i go into the living room turn on the light, still nothing. So i went into the kitchen...and there on a silver platter lay flopping my dear sucicdal gold fish. It didn't die thank goodness, but it was never quite the same.

    ps.what a nice web page."

    If any else wants to contribute to these fish tales, please do so. Just contact me and leave your name, email address and your story.


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