Tales of Mad Fish - Part 4!!

Strange but true - how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around - with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don't believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences....

Peter Walton with a tale with a nutty conclusion...

"MAD FISH KEEPERS :- heres a true friend had an old tank that he revitalised and got his tank all set up and established. He stocked it with about 20 fish of all kinds and everything was rosy . Then he noticed a small puddle of water appearing on his stand every morning. He thought maybe it was his fish coming up for food - elliminated that - then he noticed a trickle of water dripping down the glass. He traced it to the right hand corner of the joint. "Blast!!" He said, or something like that....he thought he would have to empty the whole tank and start again - disaster!!! But after an hour or so he came up with a cunning plan - as the slight leak was about a third of the way up in the corner from the top, he thought if he draind off to below the leak, about 30% water change using his gravel cleaner tube, then maybe he could fix the leak. So he launched himself into the task, full of enthusiasm, dropped the water level below the leak, and spread sealant onto the leaking area and left it to dry for about 1 hour, and then refilled the tank in the usual way. Bingo!! Leak sorted!!

Next morning he came down full of glee, just check if the puddles still there - no puddle - then he surveyed his stock....OH MY GOD!!!! All his fish..Dead!!! Some floating..Some just asleep in the gravel?!?!! The moral of the story - Never use SILICONE sealant inside your tank - he had a bit over from fixing his shower!!!!!!!


Liz Sylvester with a tragic story...

"I've got a bit of a Romeo and Juliet story for you. I was cleaning my Betta tanks (ok, so they were goldfish bowls, leave me alone...) and for some reason, Bob, (or Romeo, whichever you prefer) just kinda passed out and never recovered. Thinking he would possibly recover, I left him in the tank and put him back on the bookshelf that I'm keeping my fish on, and went to go eat dinner. Now, right next to him was a female Betta, who would always hang out on the side of the tank closest to Bob. When I came back from dinner, Bob was still comatose, and it had been about 20 minutes, so I pretty much figured he was dead. So, sadly, I gave him to the toilet gods and went to check on my other fish. I was looking in Kiin's tank (that's the female Betta - Juliet if you wish) and I found she wasn't there. I was looking and looking; on the floor, in the tank again, and on the floor once more. Thinking she had fallen behind the bookcase, I began to move it, but there was a lot of stuff in the way. While I was moving the assorted books and papers, my hand came down on a still alive Kiin. She had been out of the water for at least 15 minutes, and had pulled a good number of her scales out (around half on one side, and maybe 25% on the other) while she was thrashing around. I put her back in her tank, and like a worried mother hen, watched her. She died about 15 minutes later, and she also met the toilet gods. The remaining male Betta is kind of down in the dumps right now, but he's got a lid on, so I'm not going to worry about any more suicides."

If any else wants to contribute to these fish tales, please do so. Just contact me and leave your name, email address and your story.

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