Tales of Mad Fish - Part 5!!

Strange but true - how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True
Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around - with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don't believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences....  Louise Cooper and the Chocolate Oranda...

"My stupid fish story goes as follows: We had a fairly big tank with small fish in it. Being new to the game, we needed some advice from friends and relatives. A friend of ours gave us a good power head for some decent oxygen bubbles, but unfortunately, the part at the bottom which sucks up the water was uncovered. We had some small chocolate oranda which insisted on swimming by the thing which, as you have already guessed, sucked one little guy up. He spent what i can only imagine must have been a terrifying, 20 minutes stuck up there. I had to unplug the thing to get him out, when he shook his head and swam off. On inspection after work the next day, i found he had done it again. The power head came out after this event and he lived on for quite a while until he was killed by white spot."

Rena Fisher and the Bermuda triangle...

"Strange fish tale? Listen to this one. One evening I decided to clean the gravel in my fish tank (my smaller ten gallon tank) I siphoned out about 20% of the water and began to do a thorough job on the gravel. I have two cory cats in this tank. I hummed a merry little tune and laughed to myself as the danios and platys scurried away from the tip of the siphon hose. I was feeling quite pleased with myself and imagined my fish would be pleased as well.

I replaced the water in the tank (after treating it of course), and sat back to watch my fish swim merrily through the clean water. Then, uh-oh I noticed that a cory cat was missing. I looked down into the bucket (even though the siphon hose has a safety screen), but no fish. I sat there and pondered about the disappearance of the fish. There was no way the platys or danios could have eaten it, too large. I moved around the plastic plants and the one rock, no cory cat. I even picked up the siphon hose to look through the clear plastic tubing,no cory cat. By this time I was beginning to wonder if my tank had anything in common with the Bermuda triangle, cause I couldn't find that cory cat no where. Then, a thought came to my head; but surely no, there was no way this could have happened. I quickly began to sift through the gravel thinking surely it would be dead had this happened. In the far corner near the heater was a small mound of gravel that I had pushed to the side. I sifted through it and up popped the missing cory. It floated wobbly to the surface, looking as if it had been thoroughly worked over by a disgruntled cichlid. It took a big gulp of fresh air then dropped to the bottom of the tank and seemed to glare at me as if I had intentionally buried it. The poor creature had to have been under the gravel for at least three minutes! I dropped it an extra shrimp pellet and vowed to it that in the future I would be more careful when I clean the gravel in its home."

"Nice" and a stuck fish...

"I have similar experiances my two Clown Loaches got stuck in a piece of decor shaped like a lions head. They were stuck in its mouth for an hour until a friend picked it up shook it a little and the fish came out!"

If any else wants to contribute to these fish tales, please do so. Just contact me and leave your name, email address and your story.

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