Tales of Mad Fish - Part 9!!

Strange but true - how my gourami became stuck in a hole, and how I overcame this bizarre problem: Strange but True

Tales of Mad fish

There are plenty of stupid fish around - with the main aim to commit suicide it seems. If you don't believe me, some other people have had also had nutty fish experiences....

tatmonsster has a story here - Oh dear...crazy catfish attack!

"One of my Panda Cory Kittenfish got herself stuck in a hole in the mopani wood last night. I ended up having to use the gravel cleaner to suck the water round her which with her help budged her a little so she could escape. It was quite amusing at first, one piece of mopani wood complete with tail sticking out of hole! Then she didn't move for a while and I thought she was a goner. I tried turning it upside down first in the hope that gravity would help her get out - but no! then I thought (while it was balanced upside down) if I move a bit of tubing towards her she'll try to go back wards and get herself out, but nope. It was my fiance thought of the gravel cleaner first!

I was half expecting her not to last the night - but she was bouncy as ever this morning. Silly little thing I reckon if shes still alright after 48 hrs she should be fine. So fingers crossed. I'd hate to lose her cos the kittenfish are so silly. They keep on playing "knock down ginger" on the older cories. They creep up behind them real slow, knock into their tails and then scarper as quickly as possible. Its *so* funny to watch. I'll let you know if she makes it - but hopefully if shes still ok when I get home she'll be ok. So fingers crossed!"

Maryann worch and a reef fish...

i bought the reef fish and was told to close all the gaps in the tank or he will climb out so i wedged cottom wool in the gaps where the filter tubes go in. The next morning i came down and found him on the carpet in front of the tank with cotton wool stuck all over him. To get where he was he would of had to squeeze through the cotton wool crawled across the cover glass as the holes are at the back, got to the front pushed the lid open and climbed out and fell to the carpet. the fish was all dry but sticky his gills little fins (that look like flapping ears like the dragon thing on neverending story very cute) were stuck shut and covered in cotton wool.
I assumed he was dead and was gonna bury him, but i thought well hes not stiff so i poked him in the water and nothing happened. so i thought maybe if he's in there for a while something might happen, (think it was wishfull thinking). So i left him in there and after a few minutes he took a big gulp i was really chuffed. so i replaced the cotton wool with plastic bags and hes been ok since.

Laura Young - A Strange but True Story...

Years ago, I had a lone Fantail in a small tank, it was probably about 3 years old, and had always been extremely happy and healthy. I had recently visited my grandfather's farm, and had come away with several TINY (less than one inch long) freshwater lobster/maron from his dam. These babies were so small, they were still very transparent! I popped them into my sparkling tank, and marveled at them darting around the place. The next morning, I went to check on my fish, as usual, and was horrified to see it lying on the bottom of the tank, with NO fins! Not one! They had all been nipped off by the tiny lobster/maron during the night. I removed all the vicious babies, and started treating my poor Fantail. It recovered well, and went on to live another 7 years or so. It was so strange though, seeing it with no fins, it couldn't swim, it just lay about until they rather quickly, grew back. :o

If any else wants to contribute to these fish tales, please do so. Just contact me and leave your name, email address and your story.

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