Marine Resource List

Setting-up guides
New Tank, what do i need - Mad-Dan
Slow Drip Acclimation..and how it works? - Angus
Recommended books
- Loa

Shopping (local and internet guides, plus product reviews)

The definative marine online shop list
- Claude

Marine Environment Ecology

Ocean fish could collapse by 2048
- Johnt
Your corals and YOU
- Claude
Live rock on CITES list - Claude
British Coral Reefs
- Johnt

Propagation and captive breeding

Eric Borneman Coral Propagation Video
- Ant11899


The dangers of vodka
- Smudger

Water and chemistry

Natural seawater - Rich
Water flow in marine Aquariums
- Claude
Calcium-Mag-Alk table - OB1
Water chemistry - the basics
- Claude

Marine Fishes

Marine Tank Busters...
Pygoplites diacanthus (Pygo) - P.A.D.
Flame angel (Centropyge loriculus) - Rich
Scooter blenny (Synchiropus sp.) appreciation thread
- Claude

Marine Inverts (including corals)
- Richt
Chili coral (Alcyonium sp)
- Boshank
Show us your gorgs
- Claude
A homage to stomatopods - Claude
Vermitid snails
- Claude

Marine Algae (both nice and nuisance)

Marine algae reference
- P.A.D
Valonia - Captain Caveman

Potential Hazards of a marine tank and what NOT to do

Dangers of the dark side
- Claude
What not to buy
- Richt
- OB1

Marine DIY projects

Red Sea (Prizm) mod
- Smudger
A way to cool a tank? - Claude

TFC Members Tanks

Members marine tank forum (yes hidden up there at the top of the other forum)
- TFC salties

The Drop Off (crazy new ideas and everything else)
Cold water coral reefs - P.A.D
Oyster eggs
- OB1
Whats in my skimmate>
- Richt
The even darker side to the salty world
- Richt
Through a microscope - P.A.D

Alternative sources of info (a.k.a further reading)

A myriad of articles for all those with salt in their veins - Claude

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