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Stoney's Aquarium

Name: Stoney's Aquarium.

Tank Details: 3ft x 1ft x 18", Standard 45 Gallon Aquarium!

The Fish: 1 Angel, 1 sunset platy, 1 red platy, 2 rainbow platy's, 1 micky mouse platy, 1 sucker mouth catfish,1 paki loach,2 phantom tetras, 2 emperior tetras,1 Male siamese fighter, 2 gold barbs, 3 swords, 6 guppies, 1 zebra danio, 2 cardinal tetras, 6 neaon tetras and 16 baby platys!!!!

Comments: Top quality heat and light reflected lid! 2.5ft UV light with Arcadia controller, small pond filter, Fluval 2, hi-tech 800watt air pump (in left side for babies),hi-tech 900 watt air pump (in main tank area) 100watt PJH claimate heater, marine grit!

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