Steve's Aquarium

Name: Steve.

Tank Details: Seabray 48" Bowfront.

The Fish:
2xkissing Gouramis, 1xKribensis, 1xRainbow Shark, 1xPlec, 1xGolden Algea Eater, 2xLake Kutubu Rainbowfish, 3xAlbino Corydoras, 4xPakistani Loach, 2x Zebra Loach, 1xSkunk Loach, 6xTiger Barbs, 6xGolden Barbs, 2xPlaties, Various Guppies, 4xmixed Danios.

Comments: Filters = Interpet Prime 20 external cannister + 2 seperate ugf, 1 powerhead driven, 1 air driven. Water polishing internal cannister powerhead driven (only in tank during water changes)+ 4w UV unit. Lighting = 1 x Triton tube + 1 x sun life tube,both 48" + 1 24" blue moon tube. all lights on auto timer so that the 2 48" run 12 hours and the 24" runs 4 hours a day, 2 hours at each end simulating dawn and dusk. Heating = 2 x 200w rena heaters Surge controller and 2 extra powerheads soon to be added so that I can recreate riverflow scenarios.

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