Sarge's Aquarium

Name: Sarge.

Tank Details: 48"x18"x18" 55 gallon all glass aquarium.

The Fish: glow light, neon, cardinal, black phantom and bleeding heart tetra's, flying foxes, clown loaches, pleco, red tail black shark, hatchet fish, white cloud minnows, opaline and dwarf gourami's, and a couple of mollies/platies.

Comments: Lighting, 40w aquaglo, 40w powerglow and 2x25w glow lux tubes on 10hr pin timers. DIY C02 into filter intake. Substrate, mixed laterite, fine and pea gravel to a max depth of 7" with root tabs added every 2 weeks Filtration, Trio 3000 internal and a fluval external filters. Ammonia - nil; Nitrite - nil; Nitrate - 15-20 ppm.

Plants: Windelov,bacopa,various vallis, amazon swords, various crypts, Hygro polysperma, + a few unknowns.

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