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Ryan's Aquarium

Name: Ryan Furlong.

Tank Details: 36"x15"x18" Malawi Chiclid.

The Fish:Psuedotropjis Scolofi x1, Ps Elongatus Neon Spot x1, Ps Acei Yellow Fin x1, Ps Durmsoni x1, Ps Lombardoi x2, Labidochromis Caeruleus x1, Haplochromis x1, Iodotropheus Sperengarac x1, Copadachromis Borleyi Kadango Red Fin x1, Crytocara Labrosus.

Comments: The background is broken lumps of coral rock arranged so that the fish can swim through the gaps as in the wild. Substrate is Coral sand. Filter is the new fluval 4 plus internal filter.

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