Robert's Aquarium (25/11/01)

Name: Robert Novak.

Tank Details: 54 gal curved glass corner tank.

The Fish: 2 discus, 1 parrot, 1 clown loach, 1 peacock eel, 2 angles, 1 silver dollar, 1 paradise fish, 1 blue gourammi, 1 red betta, 1 congo tetra, 2 culi loaches, 1 green cat fish {similar to a cory} 1 gold nugget pleco, 1 big mouth pleco, 1 yellow barb, 1 raphel striped catfish.

Comments: I have a fluvol 304 filter with chemi pure carbon changed every three months. A oversized visa thearm heater. {temp 84f} a large assort of live plants, water sprite, swords, annuibas, bannas. I have had the discus with all the other fish for three months now with no problem. Everyone gets along and eats fine. I change 5 gal of water a week just to turn over the gravel. I feed ocean nutrition flake mixed with sprinula flake, Freeze dried blood worms, Hikari discus red pellets, HBH marine soft pellets, algae discs and some times live brine shrimp.

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