Sarge's Aquarium

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CO2 reactor, Eheim 2224 and CO2 Cylinder

Aquarium capacity: 55 Gallons.

Filtration: Eheim professional 2224, Ehfimech, Phosphate resin.
Fertilisation: Bioplast ferroPlant, NutriPlant, ViroSan, Leafzone.
CO2 fertilisation: Bioplast CO2 reactor (bubble counter, diffuser, Rena powerhead), 2KG CO2 Eheim cyliner, Magnetic stop valve (CO2 stops for 5 hours during the night).
Lighting system: 2 Visi-Lux twin fluorescent lamp.
Fluorescent lamps: 2 Power-Glo's (35 watts); 1 Life-Glo (40 W), Titron (40 W).
Hood: Mahogany.
Lighting time: 10 hours, with pin-timers.
Temperature: 25C
Substrate: Pea gravel (rounded), 2 - 3mm. with Root Tabs, Laterite, Thermocare Heating Cable (50W).
Water Changes: 15% every 2 weeks..
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 10ppm
CO2 Content: 20 - 25 Mg/l during diffusion
Oxygen: 8-10mg/l
pH: 7.2pH at the morning; swings to 7.0pH during CO2 fertilisation.
Phosphate: 0.2ppm
General hardness: 6 dGH
Carbonate hardness: 6 KH

The plants:
Hygrophilia polysperma.
Hygrophilia difformis (Water Wisteria).
Cryptocoryne blassi.
Vallisneria gigantea; spiralis.
Gymnocoronis spiranthoides.
Cabomba caroliniana.
Myriophyllum hippuroides.
Echinodorus tenellus (Pygmy Chain Sword).
Nymphoides aquatica (Banana Plant).
Lismachia numularia.
Alternanthera reineckii.
Echinodorus osiris (Red Amazon).
Crypt becketi.

1 Marbled Angelfish, 6 Neon tetras, 6 Cardinal tetras, 4 Otos, 2 Guppies, 2 Platies, 1 Bristlenose Catfish, 3 Peppered Cories.

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