Richard Yong's Aquarium

Name: Richard Yong.

Tank Details: 29 gallon breeder (2ft long).

The Fish: 2 breeding kribs, 2 false SAE, 2 real SAE, 2 Ottocinclus sp. and 3 Corydoras sterbai. many Malaysian trumpet snails. some pond snails.

Filtration: Fluval 104 (Gravel/wool/floss/sponge), Astro 300f power head.

Lighting: 1 * 30watt Triton Fluorescent, 1 * 30watt MarineGlo Fluorescent 1* 20 watt Power-Glo

Photoperiod: 11 hours

Temperature: 75degrees fahrenheit, or ~25degrees celsius (Visitherm)

Co2: 2 * 2 litre Yeast Reactors see Co2 Reactor/Diffuser Substrate: 3-4mm Gravel, treated with Tetra Hilena Crypto + Initial

Ph: 6.8

Water Changes: every 3days, 25% change.

Fertilisation: Florenette every week, 1 tab. PMDD daily. additional magnesium and potassium added on a mood basis.

Flora: Hygrophila polysperma, Hygrophila difformis, Hygrophila sp.(unknown), Ludwigia sp., Rotala rotundifola, Echinodorus sp., Echinodorus tenellus, Glossotigma elatinoides, Anubia sp, Microsorium pteroptus, Vesicularia dubyana, some unknowns collected from the river. hair algae (green). Eleocharis (Hair grass).

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