Pookey's Aquarium

Name: POOKEY (

Tank Details: All-Glass 72gal. bowfront (48 x 18 x 22).

The Fish: 2 marble angelfish, 3 black lace angelfish, 1 male betta, 9 neons, 4 clown loaches, 5 ottos, 1 lg. pleco and 3 algae-eating shrimp.

Comments: On the right side of the tank is a grotto formed from 3 rocks piled together with a 4th flat stone leaning up against the back of it. This forms a perfect cave for my ottos & clowns. I like the look of the moss growing on the top of it. On the left side of the tank is a fake hollow log which is home to my 9" pleco, Lucifer. He is almost as long as the log. Behind that is a toad house for my clowns, but they now prefer the grotto. In the middle of the tank are 2 pcs. of bogwood leaning together to form an arch. The rt side piece has a neat tunnel at the bottom of it that Lucifer just loves.

The plants are all real with no CO2 added. The lighting is 2 - 40w Penn-Plax Ultra Tri-Lux bulbs and 2 Lights of America fixtures with plant bulbs in. The filter is an Eheim 2026 Pro, external canister. The substrate is coarse river sand with Laterite mixed in

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