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Mike's Aquarium

Name: Mike AKA Snipa_mm.

Tank Details: Filters: 10 Reef- Penguin Biowheel Mini, Sponge powerhead.
40 Gallon- 4 powerheads, 1 powerhead, 1 Ehiem canister.
30 Tall- Biowheel 330, Aquaclear (dunno the number).
29 Gallon- Biowheel 330.
10g- None I do water changes daily
10g- None I do water changes daily
Pond- None

Comments:I have currently 7 tanks soon to be 6, then up to about 15-20.... hehehe. First tank I got was a 10g, which is now a reef tank with a clownfish and corals. The second was a 40g now holding a pair of angels and 3 pl*cos, soon to be a planted german ram tank! The third is a 30 tall with a breeding pair of Neo. Brichardi, and 5 young. The fourth is a 29 gallon with another breeding pair of Brichardi, with over 20 young. Those are all in my room... The ones in the garage are a 10g with over 50 betta 1/2 inch babies; and another 10g with baby bettas that hatched yesterday. The last tank is my goldfish pond, I made it myself. Soon I will be breeding convict cichlids, kribs, and other species. I will also be raising rams.