Spiliotopoulou Maria's Aquarium

Name: Spiliotopoulou Maria (Greece).

Tank Details: Tank Dimensions (in cm) : 80 x 30 x 35 (LxWxH), total volume 84 liters.

The Fish: 4 Ps. Socolofi.

Filter: The only filter is a water pump by Aquaclear (flow rate 540 l/h) with a sponge. It is enough for the volume of the tank if you couple it with regular water changes (about 1/3 every week).

Lighting: One fluorescent tube (40 W / 15W).

Plants: One Anubia barteri and an Anubia barteri var. nana.

Substrate: Very thin sea sand, and special "sand" for birds (actually consists of crushed shells) in a 3:1 ratio. It is very useful because (apart of its decorative value) is also buffering the water keeping the pH high enough.

Stones: The stones I used were collected from the seaside, washed and then dried in the sun. After that they were glued together with silicon to avoid any drops (caused by the ever digging cichlids).

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