Kimfish's Aquarium

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Name: Kim

Tank Details: 2 30 gallons, a ten gallon, and my pride and joy "100 gallon".

The Fish: One thirty has Mollies, Wags, Platys, and Swords. The other is a tank resembling the Backwaters of Southeast Asia. The ten gallon is a quarantine recently turned into a nursery. The 100 gallon is an African Cichlid Community.

Comments: Two 30's have Bio-wheel 330's and UGF's as well as a 660 powerhead with reverse-flow adaptors. Two uplifts, several airstones, and an underwater garen despite the UGF's. The ten gallon has a 330 bio-wheel for overkill of filtration for both quarantine as well as the nursery. My 100 gallon has two Aquaclear 500's, 7 airstones, a 880 powerhead, hawaiian puca substrate, shells, lace rock, clay pots. Java fern and moss, and different coffolia, and sword species that will tolerate the alkaline water chemistry.

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