Kerry's Aquarium

Name: Kerry Wiser.

Tank Details: 55 gal.

The Fish: Tiger barbs, Rosy barbs, Bala shark, Bleeding heart tetras, Harlequins, Plecostomus, and one huge fish--I'm not sure what it is. I rescued it from my neighbor. :)

Comments: Filter - Fluval 303,but would not recommend it. The back & sides of the aquarium are lined with air stones. The backdrop is just a piece of material being held up by velcro. So I can change the color whenever I want. The entire stand was made by my Dad. Isn't he the greatest?!! The front covers are held up by strong magnets. Since you can take both panels off, it's easy to get to everything underneath. There are no doors sticking out and getting in your way.

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