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Jonathan Murray's Aquarium

Name: Jonathan Murray.

Tank Details: Clear-Seal, 36"L x15"D x12"W (Glass) 27.6 US Gallons, 23.0 Imp Gallons, 104.5 Litres

The Fish: Neon Tetras (15), Platys(4), Siamese fighting fish(1), Silver Mollys(2), Black Mollys(2), Silver Sharks(3).

Comments: Lighting: Arcadia unit, 1x 25W, 30" Original Tropical Tube Heating: 1x Visi-Therm 200W with adjustable temperature and thermometer in C & F Air Pump: 1x Whisper 600 (Running air stone, air wall, sand flowing feature and diver) Filters: 1xFluval2 and 1x Nathura PH1 Gravel: Multi-Coloured mixed with Black Plants: 4 real (oxygenating) & 4 Artificial PH: 7.4 Nitrate: 20ppm Nitrite: 0.0ppm Ammonia: 0.0ppm Water and Treatments: Soft, 20% changed weekly, Stress Zyme used to encouraged bacteria growth in filters, Accu-Clear and sometimes Nitra-Zorb. Food: Tetra-Min flake food @ the moment Spares/Accessories: Clear-Seal tank 18"L x10"D x10"W, 5Gallons (Glass) 1x Fluval1, 1x Interpet Air pump, Charcoal, Aquarium Salt and air valves etc.

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