Gerry C's Aquarium

Name: Gerry C.

Tank Details: 44 inches x 17 inches x 14 inches, approximately 33 gallons.

The Fish: 1 firefish, 1 pair of percular clowns, 1 powder brown tang, 1 lemenalia tree coral, 1 atlantic anemone, brown star corals, green star corals, 1 colt coral, waving hand coral, nobbly mushroom corals, 1 large toadstool coral, 1 yellow nobbly toadstool coral, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 red star fish and a few snails with two red hermit crabs.

Comments: Only 10 months old, have been adding corals very slowly, find it more enjoyable this way. 100% natural system, no protien skimmer, filteration is done through the living rock and 3 inch deep sand bed. No live sand and no sump. There are 5 poweheads, ranging from three small ones to two large powerheads. Lighting is via 4 flourescent tubes including one actinic tube. Water is changed every weekend, straight from the tap,2 bucket fulls a week. I allow 5 minutes for the instant ocean salt to settle then it is syphoned in against the glass to stop disturbance of gravel. Tap water is 100% nitrate free, this weekly water change perks the corals and fish right up. No additives of any kind as the water changes see to that for me. I would now like to get some more colourful corals. Photo's are not that good and do not do the tank justice. Would also like to get some test kits, as I only have nitrate and nitrite at the moment.

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