Gareth Lancaster's Aquarium

Name: Gareth Lancaster (Whorl Ltd.).

Tank Details: 60in x 20in x 24in.

The Fish: 4 x Clown Loaches, 2 x Kuhli Loach, 2 x Angels, 17 x Platys ( 3 babies ), 2 x Plecs, 2 x Other Catfish, 8 x Rosey Tetras, 2 x Blue Neon Dwarf Gouramis, 3 x Honey Gouramis, 2 x Bumblebee Goby.

Comments: Jewel Rio 400 in the office. No extra filtration. Carbon filter in the Jewel. Two air stones. Been setup about 2 months now and the plants are growing well. Just added some Java Moss which should grow over the lava rock and the pebbles / bog wood etc. Lots of the platies are pregnant and we've already got 3 babies (about 1cm long now).

Fish are fed twice a day on a mixture of frozen / flake and algae tabs (for the catfish etc.) Lights on for 10 hours a day (we're probably going to add extra lights under the cover at some point).

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