Exee's Aquarium's

Name: Exee.

Tank Details: 10 gallon tropiquarium.

The Fish: 1 Red Lobster (cray fish) named Lobster.


Name: Exee

.Tank Details: 27 gallon tank

The Fish: 2 neon tetras, 2 strawberry tetras, 1 glow light tetras, 2 female guppys, 1 black neon tetra, 1 gold algae eater, 1 zebra danio,

Comments: uses an aqua clear 200 filter and a Eleat 802 air pump connected to an under gravel filter. has a large Jave Fern growing on a peice of big wood and a pot with java fern roots that are sort of growing...


Name: Exee.

Tank Details: 5 gallon

The Fish: 1 white fancy goldfish(not sure which type),1 peppered cory

Comments: not sure if those types of fish are suppose to go together but they seems to get along well enough. uses a aquaclear mini filter

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