Eclipse's Aquarium

Name: Eclipse.

Tank Details: T1 Jewel Rekord 96 "36x12x15" T2 "48x15x19".

The Fish: T1 1 cobra guppy, lots of other Guppy's, 2 Platy's, 2 Zebra Dano's, 2 coolie loaches, 6 neon's, 1 male white spot Tetra, 2 albino Cory's, 2 three stripe cory's, 2 Paleatus Cory's, 3 other cory's but unsure of the name and 1 Plec.

Comments: One flourescent light strip on 8 hours a day. 3 mm gravel substrate. 4 java ferns. 2 anubias (low growing variety). 3 grasses. 3 big rocks. 2 pieces of bogwood. Juwel filter has five layers of filtration material. Very efficient. Thought you might be interested to see how the tank has changed in two years. There is a picture of how it looked at set up under the heading 'Richard hardings Aquarium'. T2, 4 clown Loaches, 1 male and 1 female three spot Gourami, 1 Blue Gourami, 1 Male Siamese, 2 Female Siamese, 4 Dwarf Sky Blue Gourami, 1 lemon Pencil Fish, 2 young crayfish. Comments: T1, had a built in filter, this was unable to cope with the quantity of fish that are kept in this tank so I removed this and upgraded to a external Fluval 104, there is Mopani and bog wood, Grasses and other plants and 1 conk shell.

T2 Has a Fluval 404 filter and a Hi Tech 3500 air pump, there is a day light flourecent and a marine glow at night which realy brings the fish out, the tank again is well planted and has wood stroon across the bed and a large conk shell which my Clown loaches love.

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