Chad's Aquarium

Name: Chad.

Tank Details: 36*12*15 Juwel setup using the juwel filter and light.

The Fish: The tank Contains 3 dwarf Gouramis , 1 CAE, 1 Peppered Cory, 3 White Clouds.

Comments: Contains live plants, bogwood, rocks and a airstone.

Name: Chad.

Tank Details: 48*12*12 Using a U/G filter and a Fluval 3 Internal filter.

The Fish: 10 assorted Platies, 2 Mollies, 4 Guppies.

Comments: This tank is overfilterd due to the fact it is going to house the fish from my other 4ft tank in the near future.


Name: Chad.

Tank Details: 48*12*15.

The Fish: Currently has Plattys+fry, Neons, Danios, CAEs, Swordtail, Guppy fry. Soon to be the home to a oscar and a large pleco.

Comments: Uses A U/g filter with activated carbon. live plants with light from a Glolux 40w bulb. Soon to have a fluval 2or3 internal filter to help clean up after the messy oscar.

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