Celtic Warrior's Aquarium

Name: Celtic Warrior.

Tank Details: 24x18x16 Glass 100L approx.

The Fish: 1 m/f pair Dwarf Gouramis, 6 black Phantoms, 6 Rummy nose, 3 Otocinclus Vittatus.

Comments: The tank is filtered by an Eheim Profesionnel 2222 external. As I like lots of plants, is lit by two 18" Arcadia tubes, one original tropical and one freshwater, each with reflectors. I supply CO2 once a week through a small Bioplast nutriflex diffuser.

I made the canopy myself. The cabinet was bought from a pine shop, but seemed ideal for a tank. I had them make me one a bit deeper than they normally did, and then had the tank made to fit. As for the skull !!!, that was just someone who fell out with me one night.

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