Cathy's Aquarium

Name: Cathy Hartland

Tank Details:30 gallon aquarium. 4 watts/gallon - 2 Coralife Nutrigrow 30 watt, 1 Coralife 50/50 30 watt, 1 Ultra Tri Lux 30 watt; Renaissance Prime 10 canister filter with mechanical media and phosphate resin; Flourite substrate; Daily PMDD addition, with iron and trace elements added biweekly; Jobe's Plant Sticks and Flourite tabs in substrate; DIY CO2 - 2 bottles, changed on alternate weeks .

The Fish: 4 rummynose tetras, 7 gold tetras, 4 Corydoras hastatus, 3 Corydoras pygmaeus, 1 Aspidoras pauciradiatus, 9 Rasbora hengeli, 2 Jordanella floridae, 3 Otocinclus,

The Plants: Isoetes sp.; Ludwigia repens; Ludwigia arcuata; Micranthemum micranthemoides; Hygrophila polysperma; Echinodorus parvaflorus; Bacopa monieri; Cryptocoryne retrospiralis; Crypt. petchii; Crypt. lucens; Crypt. parva; Crypt. willsii; Hygrophila polysperma var. Tropical Sunset; Heteranthera zosterifolia; Vesicularia dubiyana; Anubias barteri; Crypt. balansae.

Comments:An attempt was made to use species which grew naturally to the desired height, although this tank still requires a fair amount of pruning. Originally, the tank had stronger triangular lines (see old photos), but as the tank matured, the lines softened. Driftwood and rocks are almost completely obscured, serving only as a pruning guideline for me. The challenge in a 30 long tank is to maintain proper scale for the restricted interior area. Plants with small foliage and diminutive stature were emphasized to create a sense of greater spaciousness than actually exists. Photos taken with Fuji FinePix 1400 digital camera, no flash.

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