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Aquaman's Aquarium



Name: Aquaman.

Tank Details: 10 gallon; (manufacturer unknown).

The Fish: 4 tiger barbs, 3 gold barbs, 3 cherry barbs, a green corydora, and a plecostomus.

Comments: (sorry there was no picture i don't have a scanner)I'm 11 years old and this is my first SUCESSFUL aquarium (I had two gold fish but now there down the toilet and the same thing happened to my 6 female bettas), it's benn running for 7-8 months now so you could kind of call me a beginner thogh my knowledge is great. I have a regular old fashioned corner filter (hey, it filters well enough,i gotta get a new one). The plants are artiffical (I'm not ready for them yet, nor are they ready for I have a Therma Flow heater (do not know wattage) set at 80` F (28` C). I have 3 lava rocks in the aquarium one is large with a hole in the middle, the other two are about 3 inches in size. In the near future I am planning to buy a 30 gallon tank and stock it up with gouramis,swordtails,a male betta,and possibly guppies. I saw a tank for sale that had a dark stained wood cabinet (beautiful) and came with gravel and a plant. I'm soooooo excited i've even drawn out the way I would like it arranged. I luv fish, they are fasinating! P.S. In Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A, there is a great store on Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township it is called Petland and it's by a Cherry Grove Kroger. Ask for Bill he is an awesome person.

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