Andrew's Aquarium

Discus tank

Juwel rio180

Discus breeding tanks

Blue Snakeskin, Pigeon Blood, Malboro Red, Turquoise Discus

Name: Andrew.

Tank Details: Largest Discus tank is a 6ftx2ftx2ft, Discus breeding tanks are 2ftx18x18, planted tank is a juwel rio180.

The Fish: 6ft Discus tank has the following: 4x blue diamond discus, 3xpigion blood discus, 2xMarlbora red discus, 2xBlue snakeskin discus, 1x brown discus, 2x britlenose cats, 1x SAE, 2 x mollys (these are over 3 years old and were babys of my first fish i ever got).
Discus breeding tank. Pair:1x large brown discus male. 1x super turqoise female. Pair: 1x blue snakeskin female. 1x blue turqoise male.
Juwel Rio180. 5x ottos, 3x corydoras, 2x blue rams, 2x apistogramma agassizi, 5x cardinal tetras, 5x rednose tetras, 5x glowlight tetras.

Comments: The 6ft discus tank has a bear bottom and a few pots with amozon swords and red tiger lotus plants. Its filtered with a Ehiem 2228 filter, a vectron 25w U.V, a twin sponge air operated filter and a small internal. Lighting is supplied by 3 58w triton tubes.
The breeding tanks have simple twin sponge air operated filters (These have large amounts of water changed every 3 days).
The juwel tank is filtered by the standard juwel internal, it has a heat mat under the substrate which is made up of peat, sand, deponit and lime free gravel, CO2 is put in though a carbonator and i use dennerle range of fertilizers, I use the standard juwel lighting tubes.

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