Aleen's Second Aquarium

Name: Aleen ( Tank Details: 12" X 6" X 8",2.5 US Gallons (Glass).

The Fish: Albino cory catfish(2), Male Betta(1) (soon i will get a gf for the Betta, hehe)

Comments: (Lighting system, CO2 injection type, Substrate, Filter, etc)
Lighting System: one 7 1/2W clear (about 5 hours on per day)
Heating System: no heater can fit in a 2.5 gallons tank, so if water gets cold, i just turn on the light, everything will be ok.
Filter: Little baby one, but it cleans the tank very well (working 24/7)
Gravel: white.
Plants: Artificial plants (1 Small)
Air Pump: AirTech 2K (connect to a air stone)
PH: 7.1
Ammonia: 0.0
Water Hardness: Soft
Food: Dry Worms, Wardley Shrimp Pellets, alive Brine Shrimp (once a week)
Water Treatments: Regular 25% water change per week. adding Stress Coat's and Stress Zyme.
Health Care treatments: Super Ick Cure, PH down, Wardley Sodium Biphosphate.

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