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Aleen's Aquarium

Name: Aleen (

Tank Details: 48" X 18" X 24",90 US Gallons (Glass).

The Fish: feeding minnows(14), peppered catfish(1), panda catfish(5), albino cory catfish(4), leopard catfish(L-2,S-1), neon tetras(5), glow light tetras(8), silvertip tetras(3), black skirt tetras(4), penguin tetras(1), zebra danios(7), leopard danios(4), platies(1), rainbows(2),sunset thick-lip Gouramis(2) , painted glassfish(3).

Comments: (Lighting system, CO2 injection type, Substrate, Filter, etc)
Lighting System: one 30W cool white, one 15W cool white. (about 15 hours on per day)
Heating System: who knows, i have never used the heater, my living room is always hot as hell, (80F), so i guess i can save some money then haha.
Undergravel Filter: 2 (working 24/7)
Power Filter: AquaClear 500. (500 US gallons per hour, working 24/7)
Gravel: white and purple mix.
Plants: Artificial plants (3 XL, 4 M)
Air Pump: TetraTec power pump 100 (connect to a 18" air stone)
PH: 7.1
Ammonia: 0.0
Water Hardness: soft
Food: Nutrafin Max, Wardley Shrimp Pellets, alive Brine Shrimp (once a week), freeze-dried Brine Shrimp (once two days)
Water Treatments: regular 25% water change every two weeks. adding Stress Coat's and Stress Zyme
Health Care treatments: Super Ick Cure, PH down, Wardley Sodium Biphosphate.

I got this 90 gallons tank from my boyfriend. in the beginning, b/c of high PH and Ammonia, sadly a lot of fish went to see God, :) finally, i got Driftwood, then PH and Ammonia got stable. each m ember in my family has his own "army", my 13 catfish have never stop working, my bf's "10 cents" (feeding minnows) plus one of the gold fish he bought for me on the first day always eat the most. (well, my bf is the biggest guy in my family, i think that can explain something) my dad's Tetras are the largest group in my tank, he is always proud that his tetras have nice color and did not die in the early Ick storm. my mom has all the rainbows, gouramis, other gold fish (my mom made two of my gold fish married, god bless them hahah), and black shirt tetras, she always wants them stay together, too bad each of them has its own business. well, my tank set up for about month, everything looks good so far, i hope each army will make peace to other, so i dont need to take someone out and put in jail. hope u like my tank.

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